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Born to Perform

Layloni Ghee is a versatile powerhouse singer and performer. Her contagious presence on stages, great and small, gives her fans the confidence to join in. Dance, sway, head bang, sing along and play. Layloni makes you feel like your part of the party...because YOU ARE!!


Silence Screams Wonders

This brand new track from Layloni Ghee is available NOW!!

It's about her time spent in complete silence for over 2 months. The dark depression, fear and tension is echoed in the heavy metal production of Executioner 213 Recordings. There is also hope, reflections of self love lessons learned in this song that Layloni herself continues to share in her real life musical journey.

Layloni Ghee EP streaming everywhere and physical copies available at live shows!!



A Musical Journey

I grew up in a musical family. We sang gospel, motown, r&b, and soul. Then I found that ROCK music and was forever changed!! I fell in love with Iron Maiden, Dio, KISS, etc.
For the last 14 years I was touring with a classic rock tribute band, America's Liquor Down Band. Singing a variety of rock from the 50s to the 90s, in multiple states. 
Now I find myself stretching out again musically. I'm singing country, folk, and Americana in a traveling acoustic duo, Big Sky Drive.  
I have also started my own band that will cover my originals. My songs nod at the hard rock passion that brought me to the dance, while dipping into the versatile happy place of Pop Rock. I'm collaborating with awesome musicians and looking forward to the next tour. The Layloni Ghee band is coming to a city near you!

Parallel Lines

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Want to learn more about Layloni Ghee, her music and her tour dates? Get in touch.

(406) 518-1580

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