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Layloni Ghee EP

Featuring Layloni Ghee's first single "Build", the rock anthem that calls to the musical community to work together to keep live music alive for the legacy that is the next generation. Produced by Ondrej Novotny featuring Adrian Corner on guitar and Psychic Slim on bass.


And the vulnerable single "Self" that started as a song prompt from Michael Averill, turned mirror work exercise, turned self love song. This inspirational ballad features the magical talent of Rachel Delgado on the keys and the multitalented and versatile styling of Psychic Slim on the guitars.


This 5 song EP represents the Rock and Roll Cheerleader first real album that speaks to the heart while rocking out!!

Amusitainment Radio
is playing LAYLONI GHEE originals, classic metal, and hard rock favorites!! 

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